Services include:

  • Team Selection including the design consultants and construction contractors.
  • Contracts evaluation, negotiation, management, and administration.
  • Budgeting assistance is provided to help the client with developing a detailed and reliable project budget.
  • Control Costs by actively managing and control costs throughout the design and construction phases to achieve the established budget.
  • Schedule will be developed and monitored. Including comprehensive planning with deadlines for design activities, agency approvals, client decisions, third-party input, procurement, project phasing and construction.
  • Agency Approvals are monitored to achieve timely responses and approvals to keep the project moving.
  • Coordinate Drawings by working with the design team, contractors and users to generate a properly coordinated set of drawings to reduce coordination issues in the field and potential change orders.
  • Constructability Reviews are used to catch some difficulties in the drawings before construction process or the bidding process has stated. This reduces change orders during construction.
  • Estimate Review of the contractor milestone estimates for fair pricing and the inclusion of proper and complete scope. This helps to ensure that the estimate is a reliable prediction of construction costs.
  • Bid and Bidder Evaluation is done to ensure the caliber and qualifications of the subs meet the requirements of the project. Review bid analyses to verify that the General Contractor has selected the correct and complete low bid.
  • Value Engineering is done at each estimate to control costs without significantly detracting from the quality or intent of the design.
  • Monitoring the Team of designers and contractors for adherence to project schedule and budget.
  • Progress Meetings are attend on the client’s behalf to review project progress and the flow of documentation and information.
  • Timely Decision Making is done  by providing the necessary information and recommendations required for the client to make timely, sound decisions to achieve the project’s deadlines.
  • Invoices are reviewed for adherence to contract terms and field status before recommended for payment.
  • Change Orders are review for viability, contract terms, and fair market value.
  • Project Status is reported to you at regular intervals.
  • Punch List Resolution is built into the schedule, completed in a proper and timely manner.
  • Project Close-out is facilitated and warranty information is followed up with to make sure the project will last.

Preconstruction services
RSCO’s expertise in preconstruction services set us apart from our competition. This is particularly beneficial to our clients because developing the team and mission early are the key to a successful project. At project inception, we work with our clients to properly structure their project for maximum efficiency and its ultimate success. As a result, clients have a greater control and encounter far fewer surprises during the course of construction.

Controlling and reducing costs
We are more than just a value added service. RSCo will help control and reduce overall project costs by streamlining the project, minimizing change orders, avoiding unnecessary schedule delays, and increasing the functionality of the facilities.
Advancing the client’s goals
We recognize that every building is unique and every owner or developer has specific requirements. With these priorities in mind, we manage the project budget and schedule to achieve the client’s objectives and we keep the project team focused on those goals as well.

Empowering the team
A project’s ultimate success is directly dependent on the project team’s successful performance. Therefore, we ensure that all team members continually have the necessary tools, information, and communication to effectively perform their scope of work within the project’s budget and schedule constraints.

How RSCo can help with your construction project: